Summer Enrichment Program


Earthquake and Fire Drill

With River Councilor
  1. Outreach Program – Give a Gift / Adopt a Scholar
  2. Recollection for the Fourth year students
  3. Parenting Seminar
  4. First Friday Mass
  5. Environmental Awareness: Clean and Green, Waste Segregation
  6. Project SAP (Students Academic Performance)
  7. Project ACE (Actual Competition for Excellence)

    7.1. Participants Battle of SciWizards 2002 – 1 st place, San Beda College, Natural Science Area and Biochemistry Society
    7.2. Participants 2003 2 nd place Biology Competition
    Qualifiers for Elimination Round UPLB
    * 2004 3rd Sihay Biology Competition 1st Runner up
    * 2005 4th Sihay Biology Competition – Champion
    7.3. 2004 Chemical Kinetics Society UPLB
    3rd Regional Secondary Chem Olympiad Search – 1st Runner up
    7.4. Citizenship Challenge: Project Design Competition – Champion – University of Asia and the Pacific

  8. Project REGAIN for English and IBALIK for Filipino
    • REGAIN – Read, Gauge, and Interact
    • IBALIK – Itong Batang Pababasahin, Lalong Pauunlarin, Ikatututo’y Susukatin, Karunungan Mailalahad rin
      • Spin Read and Use
      • Watch Up Doc
      • Text for the Day
      • Book Party
      • DEAR – Drop Everything and Read

    Implementation of Reading Programs such as:
    • ROARP (Rotary Assisted Reading Program) \for the 1st year level readers. Reading texzts are provided by the teacher with the gude questions for the students to answer.
    • E – World ( Exploring the World ) 2nd year level readers or advanced readers were instructed to read different literature books. Indicators here are the evaluation of the students regarding the author, type of literature read and insights gained written on their English notebooks.

    9. BSP / GSP

    • Martin Luigi Marcelino, attended the International Youth Scout Forum, Feebruary 25 – March 7, 2006, Tokyo, Japan - 6 th place out of 101 delegates
    • Ma. Theresa Demegilio attended the UNICEF Parko Project at Aina Kobe City, Hyogo, japan , September 15 – 23, 2003
    • October 15, 2004 Scouts Ma. Erika Joy Carmelotes, Michaela San Juan, Stephanie Ann Reyes were awarded at Malacanang Palace
    • November 25, 2005. President Gloria Macapagal Arrooyo awarded the Chief Medalists of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines in Malacanang Palace. The Awardess are as follows:
      • Sophia Balod
      • Mary Joyce Claire Amonoy
      • Bea Alfonso
      • Katrina Anbor
      • Katrina Anbor
      • Nadine Garcia
      • Mheira Villahermosa
    • February 17 – 18, 2006 The following students attended the BSP Youth Forum at Tany National High School, Tanay, Rizal.

    (1 st year) Felix Gregor Del Castillo -Top 5 Best Speaker

    (3 rd year) Reynaldo Bonita - Area II Scout Representative Organizing

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