The Rizal National Science High School is established to provide gifted Rizaleņos with special trainings in Science and Technology, Mathematics and English. Moreover, it aims to develop globally competitive citizens motivated by the love of God, country and concern for the nation.


The Rizal National Science High School shall be the center of excellence in Science and Technology, Mathematics and English.


The Rizal National Science High School believes that educating the students means molding them as whole individuals endowed with multiple intelligences and providing them with an academically advance curriculum in Science and Technology, Mathematics and English necessary to prepare them for the highly competitive world.

  1. Update the school personnel with the newest trends in teaching Science and Technology, Mathematics and English.
  2. Provide functional facilities to enhance the student’s skills and competence
  3. Engage in applied research aimed at helping the country in the production of economical and useful inventions.
  4. Provide services and program for the teachers and student’s s’ welfare.
  5. Train students to become active participants enhancing their technical and academic skills.
  6. Extend community services through livelihood programs;
  7. Develop the students to become intellectually prepared, socially adjusted, morally upright and output oriented.
  8. Coordinate with other schools and the DepEd to establish linkages in promoting quality education
  9. Produce responsible and humane individuals worthy of emulation;
  10. Provide curriculum suited to the needs of students;
  11. Develop curriculum materials that are congruent to the Secondary Schools learning competencies.

Historical Background

The year 1998 is popularly remembered as the centennial year, a significant stage of our history as a nation and as a people. It also marked the beginning of a distinct phase in the development of the educational system characterized by landmark initiatives aimed at addressing important issues. One of the positive developments in education in Rizal was the opening of Rizal National Science High School in Binangonan for school year 1998 - 1999. This is to strengthen the science education on the ground that science education has become an effective instrument in coping with the demands of the fast changing socio - economic development of a country. It plays a vital role in the development and training of human resources towards the upliftment of the quality of life.

To provide for more intensive and advanced secondary education program with special reference to science and technology, the establishment of the Rizal National Science High School was conceived and proposed by Cong. Gilberto M. Duavit of the First District of Rizal who envisioned Rizal to be the knowledge center in Asia in coordination with DECS Division of Rizal under the leadership of the Superintendent, Dr. Edith A. Doblada.

Congressman Duavit then introduces House Bill No. 3910, for the purpose of establishing a National Science School in Antipolo, Rizal to be known as Rizal National Science High School and appropriating funds therefore.

Later, Board members Virgilio Esguerra and Felipe Vital filed resolution no. 97 - 140 requesting Cong. Duavit to transfer the site from Antipolo to Binangonan.Thus the school location is the cemetery site in Binangonan.

January 19, 1998, Republic Act No. 8724, an act establishing a National Science High School in Binangonan, Rizal was finally approved.

Actually the establishment of RNSHS was in response to DECS Order No. 69, s 1993 where the Department of Education, Culture and Sports encourages the establishment of science high schools, initially among the public high schools in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology starting school year 1994-1995.

It is then expected that the Rizal National Science High School will implement a special curriculum that will cater to the technological and socioeconomical demands of the community and will establish a linkage with local industries and business to provide additional technical knowledge and actual work experience for students. On its initial operation, school year 1998-1999, 90 scholars (34 boys and 56 girls); six (6) mentors, two non-teaching personnel from local government, were housed at the Rizal State College Binangonan Campus under the supervision of Mrs. Remedios C. Gervacio Head Teacher III and Dr. Remedios G. Aquino, Science Supervisor, as monitoring official.

Meanwhile, three classrooms, one computer laboratory room, one science laboratory room, one library room, one guidance center, one canteen, 10 seater comport rooms and principal's office were used at the ground floor of the RSC building.

Science equipment, instructional materials like books, charts, audio-visual resources, tables, chairs etc. were given by the DECS Division and Regional offices and the provincial government.

On curriculum, the RNSHS brochure, action plan, code of conduct, calendar of activities, syllabus and performance target were updated and enriched.

Students joined both municipal, provincial, regional and national academic competitions and have brought several major awards. Likewise, in the division achievement test, the school ranked first in almost all subjects.

On June 4, 1999, before the start of school year 1999-2000, the school moved to its permanent site at Brgy. Batingan occupying the Ynares type building with only six classrooms completed, just enough for six sections, Offices are held at the hallways and lobby.

In school year 1999- 2000, 177 scholars are enrolled, 90 which were first year and 87 are second year with 12 mentors and a school head. Three scholars transferred out due to financial constraints and distance.

SY 2000- 2001, a total of 347 students was housed at the school. 90 of which are first year, 88 2 nd year, 85 third year and 84 students in fourth year.

In December of SY 2001- 2002, Mr. Genesius Fulgeras, Principal IV, take- over as the principal. It has a school population of 348 students. After eight months of stay, Education Supervisor I in Secondary Science in the person of Mrs. Marissa SJ. Gatapia was designated as the Officer- in- Charge

In May 2, 2002 up to May 15, 2003 of S.Y. 2002 - 2003, Mrs. Cristina C. Camarse, Principal take - over to Mr. Fulgeras. It has a school population of 345 students with 90 for first year, 89 second year, 84 third year and 80 fourth year and 24 energetic and supportive staff.

On May 16, 2003 up to the present, a newly designated principal in the name of Mrs. Ma. Elena V. Bernardo was welcome.

At present, the school has 492 students with 113 for first year, 148 second year, 153 third year and 78 fourth year and 46 energetic and supportive staff.

Finally, RNSHS files high anticipation of realizing the vision and mission of a Science High School with the support of the stockholders; LGU, NGO’s and DepEd. Rizal.


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